Dogging or sex in public places

This counter is also Great Britain. The sense is that the group of people gathers on the street and publicly begins to have sex. Any place where there is foreign audience can be the arena for a dogging. For example, some park or square, street and even stadium. The key moment - presence of the audience. Ideally - the audience looks and begins to join action.


The more, the "more tasty"


Originally the concept "dogging" had no playful implication at all. Earlier the British breaking an order explained to law enforcement agencies that they "walk with a doggie". After a while intimate entertainments of thrill-seekers began to be called "dogging".


Often meetings of fans of "dogging" are planned in advance. Thrill-seekers call up and choose the place for entertainments. In the appointed hour the crowd gathers and is divided into direct participants of process and the audience. There begins usually one couple which is maintained by shouts by people around. Gradually others begin to join her. There is no audience left - all participate in this group entertainment.


After the orgy ended, all characters disperse. The people trying "dogging" tell that this entertainment tightens. It is enough to try once, there is also desire to repeat public sex again.


Moral aspect of a question


In the modern world the sexual entertainments occurring in the face of the public gradually are considered as less shameful. From reports of police of the European countries it is visible that naughty "dogger" began suit even more often the orgies in public places. Law enforcement agencies should strengthen patrol in night-time.


And in it there is nothing surprising, at any time there can be a crowd of cheerful young people (and not really) people and to arrange representation. It is worth noticing what all occurring is pleasant to many people walking nearby, the same can be told also about tourists. The last are always glad to take a look at sexual entertainments, some even sometimes join process.


"Dogging" in Russia


In our country "dogging" just begins to gain steam. In the large cities it is quite often possible to become the witness of this interesting process. For example, in transitions of the subway of Moscow the police rather often catches the couples having sex in the face of passersby. The same can be told also about capital parks.


"Dogging" and sexual minorities


Strangely enough, but representatives of sexual minorities do not welcome such entertainments. They declare that sex in the face of people is simply unacceptable. What you will not tell about gays and lesbians of the European countries. There it is quite often possible to observe sexual entertainments and from people of nonconventional orientation.


If at you too sometimes appears desires to try something new and extreme, to feel adrenaline and to take a fun - "dogging" an entertainment excellent for this purpose. It is simple at all: it is possible to get acquainted with "dogger" from the city on the Internet. But it is possible also most to organize an orgy.


If your girlfriend hesitates or refuses to join you by the moral principles, it is not necessary to despair. On the website "Dosug154" there are many questionnaires of prostitutes of Novosibirsk who will not refuse to keep you the company. It is enough to you to choose the girl to taste and as it is necessary to true "dogger", to appoint the place and time. To meet in the interesting place, to take a fun and run up properly after process. You can not doubt that you will want to repeat it not once.

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