Petting - art of touches

What is petting?What is a petting? It is a way of receiving pleasure without direct contact of genitals. It something average between an onanism and sex. Why people are engaged in a petting:


  • To warn a defloration. The petting is strongly widespread in those countries where virginity is very much appreciated. As is the only way to derive pleasure, without losing virginity.
  • It is a way to avoid venereal diseases.
  • There is no opportunity to become pregnant.
  • The petting helps to restore the broken sexual function. When at males violations of an erection are observed, sexopathologists often appoint a petting as therapy.
  • It is one of ways to diversify intimate relations.


The petting happens three types: not King, superficial and deep. Let's consider them more and more in detail.


Not King


Not King - it a type of a petting includes caress "higher than a belt". Here it is focused on stimulation of the erogenous zones which are in an upper body. At stimulation language, fingers, breasts and even hair is used.


Skilled partners are not limited to "standard set" and find new interesting solutions. For example, use the eyelashes. Them it is possible to tickle a breast of the girlfriend and especially her nipples.


It is necessary to know that it is possible to enjoy very much not King only in one case. Both partners have to be very excited, and their erogenous zones - are very sensitive. Lips, ears, a neck, a breast - everything that above a navel mean. People with weak temperament physically will not be able to bring each other pleasure, caressing the same navel.


However it does not mean that slabotemperamentny cannot derive pleasure from not King at all. Can, but they as additional stimulation need to use aphrodisiacs, different toys, etc. Can increase excitement also the place. For example, it is possible to be engaged in not King on a balcony, a roof, in the park or in some interesting place.


Superficial petting


Essence of this type of a petting in the fact that couple relaxes, without taking off clothes. This some kind of semblance of fetishism. That is people are in addition excited, looking and feeling clothes of the sexual partner. It increases their excitement.


Certainly, to bring the partner to an orgasm, without taking off clothes, it is almost impossible. Therefore fans of a superficial petting use special clothes. Criteria to which there have to correspond the clothes:


  1. Things have to excite from a touch to them. This effect is reached by use of linen which breed examines a breast and genitals, visually emphasizing them.
  2. The clothes have to be sewed from nice on the touch materials.
  3. Colors of clothes should not be too bright.


Some people prefer to do in general without underwear. For example, the girl can put on a peignoir or a dress of easy breed. Others like to wet clothes water that it fitted a body.


The technique of such petting is simple - it includes all elements of not King, plus imitation of the sexual intercourse. That is partners rub the friend about the friend genitals through clothes.


Deep type of a petting


Here already couple undresses completely. Besides matter does not reach sex, everything is limited to caress. However such types of caress as a cunnilingus, a fellyation, stimulation of genitals are not forbidden by a mouth and hands. The woman can caress the man, having clamped him the member between breasts.


Petting - an excellent way to derive pleasure, without resorting to direct sexual intercourse. They can be engaged practically everywhere, it is optional to be bared. If you have no sexual partner at present, it is not terrible at all. You can use services of prostitutes of Novosibirsk.


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