Sado-masochism - that it, a perversion or a way to derive pleasure

Many since the early childhood were frightened by the uncles creeping from a gate who entice children to themselves home (the wood, the car, etc.) and scoff at them. Many fairy tales contain in the plot the character having sadistic bents, for example Karabas Barabas from Buratino.


Sadomasochism with prostitutes 


And if it is serious, then entertainments with handcuffs, lashes, etc. - an entertainment ambiguous. When the person tries to ego-trip through the dominating role of the sadist probably he in life itself was in a situation when he was humiliated. And if he since the childhood got used to submit to strong personalities and relaxes when for him all solve, he often wants to play a passive role and in a bed.


The sado-masochism has both admirers, and ardent opponents. The last claim that it is opposite, humiliating and bad, and very much. Any opponent of sexual games of such plan will tell that he from this process of people cannot derive pleasure. And fans of a sado-masochism are the perverts beating each other. But whether so it actually?


Whether it is possible to derive pleasure from pain?


It is possible, and on it there is a psychological explanation. For a long time it was noticed that the mimicry of the person feeling pain is similar to a mimicry, feeling pleasure from intimate games. Perhaps, for this reason many derive sexual pleasure from pain. But here the main thing not to cross line …


It is necessary to remember the main rule of sex: in intimate relations nothing has to deliver a high to one person if at this time the second suffers not at own will! Any sex is limited by two factors:


  • imagination;
  • mutual desire.


Whether all perverts?


Opponents of BDSM believe that fans of hard sex perverts. This myth is distributed because now divorced many websites devoted to a sado-masochism where process is presented rather dirty and cruelly. It is simple to dispel this myth. The couples loving BDSM, precisely people, as well as all others. They also appreciate love, devotion, fidelity. Just sometimes prefer hard sex. It is normal if couple derives from him mutual pleasure.


Unless it can be pleasant when beat?


Other widespread belief: fans of sadomasochism catch a high from the fact that they are beaten. And, who exactly it does - not very well, the main thing process. It is a full lie. Couples which are engaged in BDSM are excited from the humiliation, obedience, they like to be dependent on the partner.


Certainly, physical feelings play a role here, but minor. Sense of BDSM not in beating the person, here receiving punishment. Has to be excited and catch a high.


If you wish to try BDSM too, then do not play for time and discuss a question with the half. Perhaps, your desires coincide, but you just hesitate to admit them each other.


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