Sex: advice for beginners

Sex TipsIn questions of the sexual relations there are no certain rules. The main thing not to do what is not pleasant to both partners. The pleasure from intim has to remain with the person and after sexual intercourse. And the first sexual experience is always remembered for a long time.


The problem is that for the first time not at all everything turns out well. Therefore it is better for beginners not to hide it from the girl. Then she will know what to wait and will perhaps teach you to something.


When to have sex?


Time of day has no special value. It can be both evening, and day. The main thing that this time was free, and nobody could distract you from process. It is possible to advise to arrange long sex. For example, in the day off to get into a bed in the afternoon and not to get out from there all night long. You will have a lot of time for practice.


Whether it is worth eating before sex?


It is better to avoid some heavy food, otherwise the feeling of drowsiness will appear. The same concerns also alcohol. It is a little possible to taste wines, and here you should not be zealous. Alcohol will add bravery and will liberate, but you can quickly fall asleep or, having got drunk to spoil evening.


Where it has to occur?


It is an important question. The place has to be such where you will not be disturbed long time. The room where there are all conveniences will be the best option. It is possible to rent apartment or the hotel accommodation. Get together into a shower, it will be a quite good prelude before sex. So you will begin to get used gradually to each other.


What pose is suitable for the first time?


It is absolutely unimportant, the main thing that was convenient to you. It is possible to advise a classical position or a pose where the man behind. Do not forget that it is necessary to enter the woman slowly, you should not hurry. After the first time continue to caress the girlfriend, it is not necessary sharply to leave to smoke or turn on the TV. Show attention to the girl.


If the first time turned out chaotic, you should not despair, you have ahead a lot of time. The second time will be much better. Ask the partner as she wants and that it gives pleasure to her. Tell also her about the desires. Believe in yourself and at you everything surely will turn out.


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