Swing and svinger

Who are swingers?The swing represents exchange of intimate partners between constant couples. It practices usually to diversify sex life. There are several kinds of a swing:


  • Soft - there is no sex per se. Couples meet, get acquainted, communicate. Matter reaches only a petting and fleeting caress. However in couples do not change. Usually soft look practices among the beginning svinger.
  • Closed - here already change partners. However couples disperse on different rooms and there indulge in love joys. It is necessary not to experience constraint before the constant partner and not to constrain the imagination.
  • Opened - the most liberated option of sexual joys. Couples are in one room and copulate each other in the eyes. Sometimes even on one bed. During process they change partners and can even pass to group sex. The open swing differs from a usual group sex only in the fact that only couples well each other knowing participate in process.


Who such svinger?


Very relaxed and active couples become swingers. Rather often they are officially painted. The capital of a swing call the American State of California. Statistically, there every 4th couple regularly practices a swing, every second - at least once in life tried it.


Average age of couples practicing a swing sex of 32 g of the man and 29 - women. For 90% it is couples of traditional sexual orientation, but also bisexual meet. Exchange of sexual partners is necessary to them to have a good time and try something brand new. They periodically meet, arrange orgies, sexually relax. On it their communication also comes to an end as svinger do not discuss and do not interfere with private life of the partners in sex.


Ethics of a swing


As it is already written above, swingers are the most usual couples. They wish to experiment with new partners, but at the same time to remain faithful to the. They follow certain rules of ethics:


  • it is impossible to get into others relations, matter is limited to sex;
  • it is impossible to press on the partner;
  • meetings with foreign partner on the side are forbidden;
  • strict anonymity;
  • obligatory hygiene and safety of sexual joys.


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  • you do not need to hesitate of anybody;
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